Lily Lolo – Natural Eye Pencil in Shade Brown


  • 💸Priced at approx 9.34$ (approx 667INR) for 1.14g
  • 🥰The pencil is soft and hence great for easy application without tugging and achieving a smudged eye look
  • 👀Can be used on both upper and lower eyelids
  • ✅Contains the goodness of Jojoba oil & Shea butter
  • ☘️Purchased from Naturisimo – a brand aimed to provide premium natural, ethical and eco-friendly products free from the toxins & questionable ingredients
  • 💃🏻10% off on the first purchase
  • 🚢Provides International shipping (free over approx 18.69$)
  • 💃🏻5 mini samples allowed (for a price) with your order


My review :

  • I received the order to India within a week. All the products were intact and the package was intact and secured
  • The pencil packaging is nice and sleek – a recyclable paper packaging with the ingredients listed
  • The pencil is made up of wood and can be used to achieve a soft and smudged look
  • It can be easily applied without any tugging – the pencil is soft and one can easily draw a line
  • I generally apply this only on my upper lash line on the outside, and I feel, it kinda fades off over time – so it needs reapplication to retain that color
  • Also in my experience, once it has set, it remains in place unless rubbed upon. I don’t apply on my lower lash line since my eyes start watering whenever I apply them (any liner for that matter) and I tend to have that urge to rub my eyes :P.
  • If you are looking for something dark, to define your eyes nice and sharp – then this shade may not give you that definition
  • The eye pencil can be easily removed with oil or a makeup remover
  • Free from all harmful chemicals, contains moisturizing oils and anti-oxidant vitamin E
  • I love this! ♥️

Standard :

  • ✅Free from harsh chemicals, lead, parabens, and preservatives
  • 🐾Cruelty-free
  • 🍃Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • ✅Biodegradable packaging from Naturisimo – 100% recyclable and Forest Stewardship Council approved delivery boxes containing 100% natural starch-based packing peanuts (completely natural & nontoxic) for securing product
  • ♻️Eco-friendly product packaging – Wooden pencil in a recyclable cardboard box secured with a plastic cap

Ingredients :

  1. Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil – emollient, strengthen the stick formulation
  2. Caprylic/capric Triglyceride – emollient
  3. Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil – emollient
  4. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil – emollient
  5. Butyrospermum Parkii Butter – magic moisturizer and emollient
  6. Canola Oil – emollient
  7. Copernicia Cerifera Cera – vegetable wax that is an emollient which is also used to stabilize and give body to products – keep stick type formulas solid. Also, flexibility and plasticity of the waxes facilitate application.
  8. Glyceryl Caprylate – a plant-derived, natural, multi-functional ingredient that has emulsifying, emollient, antimicrobial and moisturizing properties
  9. Candelilla Cera – a vegetable wax used to stabilize and give body to products – keep stick type formulas solid. Also, flexibility and plasticity of the waxes facilitate application.
  10. Tocopherol – Vitamin E, anti-aging,anti-oxidant
  11. Ascorbyl Palmitate – a form of vitamin C
  12. Mica – As per Lily LoloWith regard to Mica, Our suppliers have certificates to explain that they conform to all the Government regulations and all our ingredients are ethically sourced. – A colorant.
  13. May Contain Ci 77499 (Iron Oxide) – colorant- gives black color
  14. Ci 77491 (Iron Oxide) – colorant – gives rust-red color
  15. Ci 77492 (Iron Oxide)] – colorant – gives yellow color

About Lily Lolo :

Lily Lolo offers a full range of 100% natural mineral cosmetics – We’ve come a long way since Lily Lolo founder, Vikki, began mixing up her own gorgeous mineral creations at home over 10 years ago. Today you’ll find our products in some of the coolest beauty stores and salons around the globe, from Los Angeles to London, and of course have it delivered directly from our online store.

Inspired by Beauty’s Many Faces – Whether your skin is dry, oily or anywhere in-between, Lily Lolo mineral makeup gives a flawless and seamless complexion without clogging or irritating. We also believe that modern beauty comes in many forms, which is why we create our products with every type of woman in mind, whatever your style, age, and skin color.

Made With Love… and Without Harmful Ingredients – Our products are made using only ingredients that are proven to nourish and protect the skin. That means you’ll never, ever find harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates, synthetic perfumes, dyes and anything else that isn’t kind to you and your skin. Plus we’re proud to be certified cruelty free, too.

Empowering Women Through Makeup – Our shared passion for makeup and the way it can transform the way you feel, as well as the way you look, is at the heart of everything we do.

About Naturisimo :

Naturisimo offers an easy and convenient way to shop for premium natural, ethical and eco-friendly products free from the toxins, questionable ingredients and manufacturing methods used in most mass-produced products today. Every product we stock is checked against our strict criteria to ensure they are not only free from toxins, pollutants and animals cruelty but also crafted in accordance with our ethical and sustainability values. When you purchase from Naturisimo you know you are buying clean, healthy, ethical products of the highest purity, quality, and integrity.

We stock products that avoid excess packaging and that provide packaging that can be recycled. Our own delivery boxes are 100% recyclable and Forest Stewardship Council approved which helps prevent the use of illegally harvested timber. Our tissue paper is provided by a sustainable company and printed with eco-friendly soy ink, not petroleum-based ink, and it’s 100% recyclable. We use 100% natural starch-based packing peanuts to secure your products inside the box; they are a far more environmentally friendly solution compared to petroleum-based polystyrene packing material.

We make sure to provide the complete ingredient list of the product on the website. We do not stock products containing parabens, SLS, SLES, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, BHA, BHT, BPA, Coal Tar, and many other harmful ingredients. Read through the detailed information here. And here all about sustainability.


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