Khadi Natural Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 UVB PA++


  • 🔥 Highly recommended
  • Priced at 5.63$ for 200ml (Larger sizes available)
  • Made with ❤️ in India
  • Ships internationally
  • A non-greasy and fast absorbing lotion providing natural and full spectrum protection with PA++ and SPF – Provides protection against the harmful UVA and UVB Rays
  • Experience superior oil control with mineral clay & vitamin-rich ingredients such as cucumber & lemongrass extracts that diminish skin blemishes & keeps the skin nourished and protected
  • Does not give any white cast like some other sunscreens


My review :

Khadi Natural Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion is nice and lightweight. It gets easily absorbed into the skin and does not make it greasy. I have combination skin, hence have not used this lotion on my face. Actually, I was in a lookout for a sunscreen lotion mainly for my body and I think this looks good. It is light and provides SPF and PA++ protection. It is not heavy and does not give any white cast.

As for my face, I am using the Greenberry organics Bio Active Bright Day Cream and it feels pretty good.

A quick explanation of SPF and PA++ :

SPF – Sun Protection Factor. This refers to your sunscreen or cosmetic’s ability to shield your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UVB) rays. Essentially, the SPF number indicates how long it will take for your skin to burn when exposed to the sun.

PA++ :  The PA rating system was adapted from the Persistent Pigment Darkening (PPD) method. This test uses UVA radiation to cause a persistent darkening—tanning—of the skin.
In theory, a sunscreen with a PPD rating of 10 should allow an individual to handle 10 times as much UVA exposure.

If a product’s PPD = 2 to 4, PA = PA+
If a product’s PPD = 4 to 8, PA = PA++
If a product’s PPD = 8 to 16, PA = PA+++
If a product’s PPD = 16 or higher, PA = PA++++
PA+ means your sunscreen or cosmetic provides some protection against UVA rays, PA++ provides moderate protection, and PA+++ offers the best protection of the three.

The summers are harsh and we generally tend to ignore our body(exposed hands and legs) in regards to the sunscreen. This will, later on as we age, lead to early wrinkles and patches on the skin. Do yourself a favor and dab on that sunscreen. This one is natural, non-greasy and highly recommended.

Ingredients :

  1. Purified Water,
  2. Aloe vera,
  3. Almond Oil,
  4. Carrotseed Oil,
  5. Rose Extract,
  6. Saffron Extract,
  7. Sesame Oil,
  8. Kokum Butter,
  9. Wheatgerm Oil,
  10. Grapeseed Oil,
  11. Ashwagandha Extract,
  12. Turmeric,
  13. Cucumber Extract,
  14. Neem Oil,
  15. Papaya Leaf Extract

About Khadi :

Our mission is to help human live healthy with the help of herbal remedial solutions of all their healthcare problem and to provide a wide range of high-quality beauty products which are made up of purely herbal ingredients derived from nature and cultures.

Also, Khadi Natural Herbal products and they are:

  • Checked for purity
  • Tested against harmful reactants
  • No animal testing
  • ISO, WHO, GMP Certified
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