Carmesi Pads


  • 🔥Highly recommended
  • ☘️Made with only natural ingredients – corn and bamboo.
  • 🌽Corn – Makes the pad rash resistant
  • 🎍Bamboo – Makes the pad naturally anti-bacterial
  • ✅Individual disposal bags (hence no need to search for paper 😬 )
  • 🔥Completely biodegradable – Normal plastic laden pads take ages to decompose – But Carmesi pads start decomposing in about a year of disposing them off
  • ✅Provides Superior Absorption & Comfort
  • ✅Box of 10 Pads at approx 3.50$ (249₹).
  • ✅Box of 10, 30 & 120 available (Can be subscribed)
  • ✅Get flat 10% OFF on your first purchase – Use Code HELLO at checkout
  • ✅Paraben-free, Toxin-free & Chlorine-free
  • 🔥A part of Carmesi earnings goes as a contribution to providing safe period products to an underprivileged woman & to create awareness on safe menstrual hygiene practices.
  • 🔥Carmesi is involved in 3 projects –
    • ✅ Project Period – Provides Menstrual Health management & Menstrual Hygiene Workshops
    • ✅ Project People – In association with Support Foundation, Carmesi conducts therapy sessions for children with intellectual/physical disabilities in Dakshinpuri, New Delhi.
    • ✅ Project Planet – Through this, Carmesi enables sustainable menstruation & eco-friendly solutions


My Review :

A clean and sustainable alternative to the harsh plastic laden pads available in the market. The pad is as thick as other conventional pads and provides the same amount of protection if not more. It has a nice white pouch as opposed to the fluorescent green pouches to neatly pack and throw them away once used. Hence one does not have to go about looking for paper to wrap them and hence can save paper from going into the waste.👏🏼
Conventional sanitary pads are primarily made of synthetic materials, and lined with several harmful chemicals. Exposure to such harmful chemicals can cause irritation, rashes, and other health complications. Using a natural alternative like these pads makes sure your body does not experience harsh synthetics and chemicals. Also, imagine the amount of waste that would NOT be going to the environment by making such a conscious choice?  A win-win solution to you and the environment!

Why these sustainable pads?

The average conventional sanitary pad contains 3.4g of plastic. A woman uses more than 7500 sanitary pads in her lifetime. This means that over her lifetime, the average woman will generate approx 23kg of plastic from sanitary pads alone. Woah! Instead of them, you can use a biodegradable pad – which brands like Carmesi offers – The decomposition of Carmesi pads starts in about a year of disposing them off. Now, Isn’t that awesome?

So girls, experience a clean, happy and guilt-free period with Carmesi. Watch a beautiful video here

About Carmesi :

Each Carmesi pad comes with a chic resealable completely biodegradable disposal bag, for the convenient disposal of your pad after use.

The top-sheet of Carmesi pads is made of corn starch, & corn starch is a natural soother for skin irritations. This makes the pads remarkably gentle, irritation-free, & soft on the body. The absorbent core of Carmesi pads is made of bamboo fiber. Naturally absorbent, anti-bacterial, & odor-resistant, bamboo makes the Carmesi pads anti-bacterial in nature. And the bottom layer is made with corn-based bioplastic. 

Unlike conventional pads that do not degrade, thus contributing to thousands of tonnes of waste, our pads AND the disposal bags are completely biodegradable. Carmesi pads break down naturally and create biomass which is not harmful to nature or insects. The decomposition of these pads starts in about a year of disposing of them. Detailed FAQs here

Carmesi resolves to provide a better and more confident future to all women. That’s why, with every pack of Carmesi that you buy, we contribute to providing safe period products to women in need, and create awareness on safe menstrual hygiene practices.

Carmesi also has a number of other projects. Read them in detailed here.

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