Bombay Cheese Company – Cheddar Cheese


  • 💸Priced at approx 2.78$ (199₹) for 150g
  • 💃🏻Available in 3*150g and 800g sizes
  • 🤷🏻‍♀️This Vegan Cheese is made from potatoes!
  • 🤤The cheese melts, tastes and behaves exactly like dairy cheese – Except that it is made completely from plant-based sources.
  • 📝Head over to the link in the bio to read more on the cheese
  • 🇮🇳Made with ♥️ in India
  • Won the Peta India Vegan Food – Best Vegan Cheese Award 2019!


Review :

  • I have not had that many kinds of cheese in my life, and so without reading the ingredients of this one, I just could not differentiate between a dairy cheese and this vegan one. I don’t know if it is my inexperience or the taste in itself – they almost tasted identical!
  • This cheese is soft and crumbly. It cannot be grated (since it is soft) but can be easily broken down into small chunks and sprinkled.
  • I got the 150g one, and I kind of finished it in a day – We had a pizza for lunch and a salad for dinner – and then the whole 150g of cheese was gone! 😛
  • I tossed it on top of my salad – it combined well and gave a nice touch to it.
  • On the pizza, I sprinkled a thick layer on the top and so – I got that soft, loaded-cheesy-bite with every portion. Yum! I need this more! 😛
  • I am on a quest to find out all the vegan cheese available and have been eyeing the cowvathi mozzarella cheese. So buying that next:)
  • Will soon write up a post on that, till then go ahead and get your Bombay Cheese Company’s cheddar! 🙂


  • 🌱Authentic Vegan Cheese
  • ✌🏻Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut Free

Ingredients :

  1. Potato Starch,
  2. Rice Bran Oil,
  3. Common Salt,
  4. Lemon Juice,
  5. Turmeric and
  6. Nature Identical Flavouring (Cheese Flavour) – I have written to the brand and awaiting their answer on this ingredient.

About Bombay Cheese Company :

Bombay Cheese Company is a brand owned by Back to The Basics, a company incorporated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is an alternative dairy processing company that does not use animal raw materials in their products.

Great products must have great taste, texture, and should be available at affordable prices with zero cruelty in them. We, at Bombay Cheese Company, believe in this philosophy. Our products are made from carefully selected ingredients and processed in eco-friendly ways to ensure they satisfy the taste buds which crave them.

Our first product is the famous Cheddar Block Cheese; it is made with potatoes and healthy oils with zero cholesterol in it. Our cheese melts and tastes exactly like dairy cheese, but unlike dairy, there are NO hormones, NO harsh chemicals, NO additives in it.


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