Hello there! My name is Kavisha and I curate this site as a side project.

Like everyone else, I was intrigued by the concepts of sustainability, organic products, eating healthy, vegan, cruelty-free, fair trade, etc. This exploration led to multiple google searches; searches to find organic skincare, sustainable clothes, and vegan/healthy food items. With this colossal amount of items that I found, I decided to pick out the best ones from such sites. For the clothes – I picked/pick up items solely on the basis on the look, style and the comfort factor (depending on how its made).

For the food & skin care – I picked/pick up items based on the reviews, the ingredients list, the manufacturing process, the packaging etc. At the end of this, I realized I had so much information, so many products and wondered if it would be helpful if I put it out for others as well. And hence ‘Sustainable Listing’ was born!

Most of the makeup/skincare reviews are done on my medium Indian skin tone, combination skin type.

Hope you are enjoying exploring this site as well. If you like or use any of the products mentioned here do give me a shoutout. If you found an interesting product and would like it to be to listed here you can get in touch with me through the contact page or just email me at sustainablelisting@yahoo.com.

Currently, I post the complete – ‘Review, Ingredients List and About the Company’ every Tuesday and Saturday.

Thanks again for visiting the site. Have a great day!